1. Electronic vs Mechanical Markers

    Electronic vs Mechanical Markers
    Choosing a marker isn’t as straight forward as it seems. You will need to take into account whether you want an Electronic or Mechanical marker. They both shoot paintballs, but in distinctive ways, so what’s the difference? Well as always we're here to help.  The Basics All markers are designed to shoot paintballs at high speeds using either Co2 (carbon...
  2. What's the Best Paintball Gun for a Beginner?

      What’s a good paintball gun for a beginner? Throughout our years as a paintball retailer, we’ve had hundreds of people contact us that are starting out, and the number one questions they ask is “What’s a good paintball gun for a beginner?” There is no simple ‘one gun’ answer to this, as there are a number of factors to...
  3. Top 10 Most Expensive Paintball Guns 2018

    With the popularity of paintball increasing it seems so has the price of paintball guns. Each year we see a new high end marker well over the 1k mark. Now not everyone has the disposable income to pay spend upwards of £1000 on a paintball gun, but hey we can dream. Here are the top 10 most expensive paintball guns...
  4. Mag-Fed Paintball What You Need To Know

    Mag-Fed Paintball What You Need To Know
    Playing with magazine fed markers is the fastest growing style of paintball attracting tactical players. But what exactly is it? What is it? While Mag-fed follows the basic format of paintball, the guns are a little different. Mag-fed paintball guns are fed via a magazine as opposed to a hopper, this creates a more realistic style of play. Magazines hold up to...
  5. Which Paintball Guns can use HPA & Co2

    We often talk separately about the two pressure sources of high pressure air (HPA) and Co2. It’s become increasingly more common for paintball players to ask for a paintball gun that can use both propellants as opposed to just one. Today we’re going to address the question of “What paintball guns can use both HPA (High pressure air) and Co2?” Co2...
  6. Paintball And The Law

    For years, paintball has been one of the most fun, exhilarating outdoor activities around. Popular for groups of friends, team building, stag nights and parties, the possibilities are endless. Continue reading →

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