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The Top Five Paintball Venues In The World

The Top Five Paintball Venues In The World
Often people assume paintball fields are just mud zones with the odd tree, tyre and obstacle… how wrong they are. If it was that easy anyone could buy a plot of land and claim is was a 'paintball field'. Here were going to look at the top five paintball venues in the world, that are renowned in the industry and most importantly built for paintballers by paintballers. If you ever get the chance we highly recommend adding one or more of these to your bucket list.

1. Skirmish USA

skirmish-usa (1) skirmish-usa With a 700 acre paintball mecca, Skirmish USA is the home to the biggest scenario games such as the ‘Invasion of Normandy’ with almost 4,000 attendees every July. The mecca has 50 playing fields with forts, helicopters, tanks, castles and plenty of woods. Check it out at http://www.skirmish.com/

2. Hollywood Sports California

12719482_1031701786887935_5921165948908347310_o 12891775_1031699660221481_7401188685419528230_o This place quite literally has it all. Known as ‘the greatest park on earth’ at 28 acres with 7 scenario fields and two story buildings. Hollywood sports has a full MOUT training course and actual movie sets from Godzilla, The Haunting, Starship Troopers and Saving private Ryan to name a few. It’s one of the most themed paintball parks in the world and for a once in a life time experience it’s worth a visit. For more information check it out at http://www.hollywoodsports.com/. Heres a list of the fields at the park http://www.hollywoodsports.com/fields/.

 3. CPX Chicago

wastelands-tab The facility spans over 143 acres and hosts some of the most premier paintball events in the world such as Living Legends which brings over 2,000 players from around the world. With over 20 fields (buses will take you to each one) such as Armageddon an apocalyptic town of ruins, Jungle of doom where you must find the golden idol and The Town of Bedlam one of the most exhilarating fields created... you’re in for an unforgettable day of paintball. Check it out at http://cpxsports.com/root/.

4. Hot Shots Paintball Australia

Hot shots claim their experience is totally unique with elaborate themed structures and real like props and backdrops, alongside special effects, explosions and sound effects. It’s the place to immerse yourself into a real life game with over 100 acres of themed playing fields. Check it out at http://www.hotshotspaintball.com.au/ for the hotshots paintball shop check out http://www.paintballskirmish.com/

5. Asylum Paintball New Zealand

new new1 Located on the maximum security wards of the former Kingseat psychiatric hospital in operation from 1932-1999. With close quarter battle and tournament layouts like no other they are the only paintball field in New Zealand that can operate come rain or shine.  This is one of New Zealand’s most haunted buildings but now home to themed paintball arenas like “The Killing House”, “Lock down Ward” and “Tyre Mania”, if you want a potentially creepy experience this is the place for you. See for yourself at http://asylumpaintball.co.nz/. If you have any other recommendations don't hesitate in commenting below. Check out our own paintball sites at http://www.battlezonepaintball.co.uk/.