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Where can I find out more about paintball?

Where can I find out more about paintball?

If, like us, you just can’t get enough of paintball, make sure you check out some of our favourite places to go for a fix of paintball content while we’re not at the field. If you think there's any we've missed make sure you hit us up on [email protected].


//Play The Game Podcast
A paintball driven podcast that dives into the lives of two of the games most successful athletes. Hosted by Tyler Harmon & Marcello Margott of San Diego Dynasty.
Link: Play The Game Podcast
//The Playing on Podcast by Carl Markowski
Possibly the longest running paintball podcast, former pro Carl has a new guest each episode including current pros, ex pros and various industry figures to talk about how their paintball story
//UK Paintball Podcast by Shattered Lens Media
A UK Based podcast where Joe from Shattered Lens Media has a guest from the UK scene to chat about paintball
Link: https://open.spotify.com/show/0scYmyOrnxaAEcfunogq3y

//PBM Podcast
Another UK based podcast, this time hosted by Tony from Paintball Magazine.
//Planet Eclipse Podcast
Hosted by Ledz of Planet as he talks to a figures from the UK paintball scene
Link: https://soundcloud.com/planet-eclipse

Video Channels

Hosted by Nick Truter featuring interviews, tips and tricks for players, kit reviews.
//Planet Eclipse 
Planet's YouTube channel features some of the best paintball documentaries and videos ever made.
//Paintball Ruined My Life
Great gear reviews
//CPPS Twitch
This twitch channel is where CPPS live stream their events, but it's also full of matches and clips from previous events:
Link: CPPSPaintball Videos - Twitch

Aswell as being the home of live streamed NXL events, GoSports is also choc full of great interviews, mini documentaries and Ultimate Shootout videos
Link: GoSports


//Paintball Performance
Analysis and discussion of UK Paintball Team's performance
//P8Ntballer Forums
This placed used to be the central hub of all UK online paintball activity. Forums in general are pretty quiet, but this is still THE one to check out:
Link:P8ntballer Paintball Forums - Europes Largest Paintball Forum (p8ntballer-forums.com)

//UK Paintball Facebook Group
A facebook group dedicated to all aspects of the UK paintball scene, from new players about to attend their first walk on day, to seasoned professionals.
Link: UK Paintball | Facebook

The world's largest paintball forum, heavily US based but always has the latest product and pro paintball news:
Link: PbNation | Paintball's Home Page