The First Piece Of Paintball Kit You Should Buy

The First Piece Of Paintball Kit You Should Buy
Now if your new to the game chances are you’ll assume your first purchase will be a marker, I mean that’s pretty essential to playing paintball right? Well despite your first assumption, you should always purchase your paintball mask/goggle first. It’s THE most important piece of kit you as a paintball player can own and here’s why…


A paintball mask is designed to protect your face including, ears, eyes, mouth and nose from incoming paintballs. Every moment you spend playing paintball you MUST wear your mask, more paintball injuries occur from the removal of masks than actually playing. This means you as the player need to spend extra time ensuring your mask is perfect for you.


We always recommend that players try on various masks to ensure a comfortable fit with suitable protection, after all no two faces are the same. Some of the crucial areas to check for fit are the eyes, ears and head, this will ensure all vital areas are covered. Ensure the strap of your mask is up at an angle as opposed to going straight across the back of your head, this will assist with the fit.


Only paintball specific masks can be worn during games, these are designed and tested against the impact of paintballs. This isn’t something you should skimp on. It’s always wise to spend the extra money to buy a goggle that is equipped with a thermal anti fog lens, this will prevent your vision being impaired making game play more enjoyable. If you however want to purchase a single lens goggle here’s how to prevent fogging  

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