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Paintball playing pants need to be padded, tough and tailored for agile movement. The paintball trousers we stock have been designed to be lightweight and durable whilst offering maximum protection, plus they look good too!

Check out the paintball pants we stock below by major brands such as Tippmann, HK Army, Dye and Planet Eclipse.

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  1. Kombat Trouser - BTP Black
  2. Tippmann Special Forces Pants - XXL
    Special Price £30.00 Regular Price £71.95
  3. Tippmann Special Forces Pants - XL
    Special Price £30.00 Regular Price £71.95
  4. Tippmann Field Paintball Pants
  5. Special Ops Trouser -BTP Black
  6. JT Cargo Pants - Olive
    As low as £50.00
  7. Valken KILO Combat Pants - V-CAM
  8. Valken KILO Combat Pants - Woodland
  9. NXe Elevation Pants - XXXL
    As low as £59.95
  10. Tippmann Tactical TDU Pants-Black
  11. Tippmann Tactical TDU Pants-Tan
  12. Tippmann Tactical TDU Pants-Olive
  13. HK Army HSTL Line Pants - Camo
  14. HK Army HSTL Line Pants - Black
  15. HK Army TRK Jogger Pants - Red Skull
  16. HK Army TRK Jogger Pants - Black Skull
  17. Valken TANGO Combat Pants - Tiger Stripe
  18. Valken TANGO Combat Pants - V-CAM
  19. Valken TANGO Combat Pants - Woodland
  20. HSTL Retro Jogger Pant - Black
  21. HK Army Hardline Pro Pants - Graphite
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Items 1-24 of 35

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