Paintball Protection, Knee, Chest, Elbow & Arm

We have a vast selection of paintball protection wear available to keep you well covered.

We stock everything from arm pads, elbow pads, chest protectors, gloves to arm pads from major brands such as HK Army, Eclipse and Dye.

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  1. Body Armour -
  2. BT Bulletproof Chest Protector
  3. Bunkerkings Royal Guard Knee Pads
  4. DYE Core Elbow Pads
    As low as £53.95
  5. DYE Core Knee Pads
    As low as £53.95
  6. DYE Performance Chest Protector
    As low as £57.95
  7. DYE Performance Slide Shorts
  8. Eclipse Gauntlet Gloves Gen 3
  9. Eclipse Gen 2 Overload Slide Shorts
  10. Eclipse Gen2 Overload Jersey
  11. Eclipse HD Core Elbow Pads HDE Camo
  12. Eclipse HD Core Fantm Shade Elbow Pads
  13. Eclipse HD Core Knee Pads
    As low as £39.95
  14. Eclipse Knee Pads Fantm Black
  15. Enola Gaye FU Glove - Digi Camo
  16. Enola Gaye FU Glove - Grey
  17. Enola Gaye FU Glove - Olive
  18. Exalt FreeFlex Knee Pads
    As low as £49.94
  19. Exalt FreeFlex Slide Shorts
  20. Exalt Thrasher Slide Shorts
  21. Full Fingered Armour Gloves
  22. HK Army Bones Gloves - Black/Black
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Items 1-24 of 79

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