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Cheap Paintball Gun Packages

cheap paintball gun packages

At BZ Paintball we’re constantly striving to offer you the best quality Paintball Gun Packages at competitive prices. A starter package is the perfect way to get all your paintball kit in one go. We have some prebuilt paintball gun packages and a custom package builder.

We offer a range of paintball starter packages for most of the brands we carry such as Tippmann, BT, JT, Empire, DYE and Proto. A starter pack is a cheaper and more convenient way of getting everything you need to get started with your paintball gun such as a paintball mask, paintball hopper and a gas bottle. Please note, that all air/co2 tanks are empty unless otherwise specified.

The downside to getting a prebuilt package from ANY paintball company has always been that the cheapest products are always bundled together to keep the costs down. Once again, BZ Paintball are at the front of the pack with our custom package builder. Now you can build the paintball package YOU want for YOUR paintball needs, and you can still get a great discount for buying all your kit together.

 If you're buying your first paintball gun you should check out our page on 'What's the best paintball gun for a beginner?'.


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  1. Valken Razorback Starter Pack
    £119.96 Regular Price £144.41
  2. Valken Blackhawk SW-1 Starter Pack
    £139.95 Regular Price £159.41
  3. HK Army SABR Starter Pack
    £149.94 Regular Price £164.41
  4. Tippmann Stormer Basic Starter Pack
    £159.94 Regular Price £174.46
  5. Valken Blackhawk SW-1 (50 Cal) Starter Pack
    £169.96 Regular Price £194.96
  6. Tippmann Stormer Tactical Starter Pack
    £199.96 Regular Price £209.45
  7. Tippmann TMC Starter Pack
    £284.96 Regular Price £304.42
  8. DYE CZR Starter Pack
    £319.95 Regular Price £350.31
  9. Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 68 cal Starter Pack
    £330.7 Regular Price £349.36
  10. Eclipse Etha 2 Starter Pack
    £479.94 Regular Price £524.86
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14 Items

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