A paintball mask is the most important piece of equipment you can own as a paintball player and should be the first bit of kit you invest in.

The mask is designed to keep the players safe during games, they don’t just protect your eyes and face but forehead and ears too. This eliminates the chances of permanent damage such as blindness. Let’s face it some of them look pretty cool so its win win, protection and looking good.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a fogged up mask that can limit visibility, plus it’s dangerous too. Players may be tempted to remove their mask so they are able to see, exposing them to the danger of being hit.

Now there are ways and means to help prevent this, you may want to consider installing a thermal anti-fog lens (check to ensure this will fit your mask) or buy a mask with a thermal lens. Another option is installing a fan to assist with the circulation of air.

Ensure the strap of your mask is up at an angle as opposed to going straight across the back of your head, this will assist with the fit.






Some less effective solutions include coatings and anti-fog sprays, these should only be used after confirming they will not damage the integrity of the lens. Ensure ventilation holes on the google lens frames are not covered by scarves, head wraps (which we always recommend to prevent sweat entering the top of the mask) or hats. This will in turn aid with the air flowing through the mask preventing fog.

Another option is to try and breathe down into the mask ensuring the air flows through the ventilation holes at the bottom.


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