Paintballs must be stored correctly until your next game, to perform properly.  By properly maintaining your paintballs this will ensure they're ready to go whenever you want to play.

Paintballs are perishable goods, they have an intended life span, but they also are made of biodegradable components that are intended to break down over time. This means your paintballs can’t be tossed aside without maintaining them, else they just won’t perform.

The best care for paintballs is to follow the manufactures guidelines. Not all paintballs come equipped with storage instructions and let’s face it you often discard the packaging. The best general practice is to keep the paintballs stored in a dry, cool place and rotate them over time. The dryness assists with preventing the balls absorbing humidity which would make them swell. Whilst the cool temperature of around 15-20 Celsius is an optimal temperature which will keep the paintballs stable. Rotating/flipping the paintballs every few weeks will prevent the paintballs from settling in the same position for too long.

Problems will occur if you don’t care for the paintballs properly. The most common issues are misshapen balls, broken balls, divots on the sides of the balls which will mean the paintballs won’t fly straight and bouncy balls that won’t break on impact. If the paintballs get too hot they will stick together and form one big paintball lump.

paintball lump
Whilst some of these won’t render the paint completely useless the effectiveness is ultimately ruined and so is the paint, so it’s best to store it correctly every time.

How paintballs age depends on the manufacturer and the batch they were made in. Some paintballs may become hard and bouncy and will not break when shot, others however become extremely brittle. Others however will become too soft and may swell if kept in a humid area to the point they will not fit into the guns firing chamber.

Our top tip here at BZ is to store the paintballs in a zip lock bags (such a sandwich bag) that way the paintballs will stay round for longer.

Do not keep paintballs stored in the boot of car or near a radiator or airing cupboard, it is vital to keep them in a dry and cool place for the longevity of your paint.

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