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  • How to increase the efficiency of your Paintball Gun

    Paintball gun

    Often players claim their paintball gun has lost efficiency or it isn’t as efficient as first presented. In this post we’re going to talk about how to increase the efficiency of you marker and what you might be doing to hinder its performance.

    Hot & Cold Fills

    All paintball guns require a pressure source to propel the paintballs from the barrel, either Co2 or HPA (for more information on the two check out The difference Between CO2 and HPA For Paintball). However filling itself is never really documented and surprisingly this could be a major factor in why your guns performance has deteriorated. Please note the fill we're focusing on today is only applicable to HPA.

    Hot Fill

    A hot fill is where a player walks off the playing field and instantly proceeds to fill his tank. Now when you fill a hot tank with 3000psi it will initially show as being full, however as the bottle cools down this will reveal the true fill of around 2500psi. That’s a 500psi shortfall, this is because hot air has more pressure therefore giving the illusion the tank is full.

    Cold Fill

    A cold fill is a top up. We recommend players fill up their tank, allow this to then drop to 2500psi and wait for the tank to cool. Once the tank is cool go back to the fill station and top up to 3000psi, resulting in a maximum fill.

    We suggest a cold fill every time, this permits a maximum 3000psi fill and with the additional 500psi you should get an extra 2 pods from your gun.

    Ball sizing

    The paintball industry as a general works off 0.68 cal paint, however most paint at a rough measurement in fact measures around 0.684 – 0.686.

    We recommend “ball sizing” which is the measurement of paint. To ball size you will need a paintball insert and measure the paint accordingly.

    If the paintball is too big this will sit on top of insert. If the paint drops through with no issue your almost there but this is a little on the small side. Ideally you’re looking for paint that just travels through the barrel.

    The perfect paint size will result in less air being used to propel the paint through the barrel, assisting with the performance of your gun.

    With regards to inserts we offer various kits that are interchangeable enabling you to adapt to various paintball sizes.

    We recommend;

    Freak Insert Kit - Boremaster -  https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/freak-insert-kit-boremaster-aluminum.

    Hammerhead Sharktooth Barrel Kit - https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/hammerhead-sharktooth-barrel-kit

    If you have an issues or questions don't hesitate to contact us at info@bzpaintball.co.uk or you can call us on 01642 605000.

  • Left Handed Shooting

    If you look, some of the best paintball players are ambidextrous, shooting with both hands allowing them to shoot either side of the bunker, winner.


    Shooting left handed really isn’t as hard as it seems, granted you won’t be as accurate or as fast with your left hand to begin with but practice makes perfect.

    There are various ways to practice shooting left handed such as playing a full game with your left hand only, to ensuring your gun is carried in your left hand when leaving a game, this will help your left hand familiarise itself with holding the gun.

    You could also practice at home and walk the trigger with your left hand. It’s all a matter of coordination, you have to build up your hand and eye coordination and this will assist with shooting faster and accurately.

    For hopper fed markers having the hopper on the right hand side for righties is ideal, this aids with clear sight. However for lefties this can cause a slight obstruction but they will have easier access to the hopper, meaning they can maintain a steady rate of shooting.

    Tank size has has a lot to do with your shooting and profile. Ensuring your tank size is spot on will do wonders for camouflaging yourself, whilst increasing the accuracy of shooting. If this is wrong this will make shooting left handed that little bit harder.


    Shooting left handed will assist with your profile when you shoot, so how much of your body is on display. Instead of being a large target this will help with just showing your hopper head, gun and a small fraction of your goggles. This makes you almost invisible to your opponents, keeping you tucked into your cover and creating less movement thus giving you the upper hand.

    Shooting left handed goes hand in hand with snap shooting. You can give yourself an immediate advantage by enabling yourself to shoot either hand to snap shoot and hopefully eliminate your opponent. You’ve just go to get the hang of maintaining a steady balance whilst shooting left handed, good luck.

    If you have any questions or need any further advice don’t hesitate to contact us on  01642 605000.

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