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There are two main types of paintball tanks, CO2 and High Pressure Air (HPA). What pressure source you use is paintball gun dependent, as to whether you can use either or source without potentially damaging your gun.

Paintball CO2 Tanks

We have a vast selection of paintball air systems, including CO2 bottles ranging from 4oz to 20oz.

CO2 was used for the first paintball markers thus setting the standard for various years on what source to use. When carbon dioxide changes into gas from its liquid state it expands which creates pressure, this pressure is used to fire the paintball via the barrel. The tanks should be filled with around 850psi but may vary due to elevation and temperature.

Paintball High Pressure Air Tanks

We also stock a huge range of Air Tanks from 0.8l to 2.0l from major brands such as Maxxloader, Dye and Tippmann.

HPA tanks are usually pressurized up to the tanks rating of either 3000 or 4500 psi, the pressure is then regulated through the tanks regulator. HPA has consistent pressure and the ability to be used in all weather, accuracy is improved via the higher velocity of the gun with a higher rate of fire.

Check out the following blog posts for more information - 'What Paintball Guns can use HPA & CO2" ," The difference bewteen CO2 and Compressed Air" and "Paintball Tank Buying Guide".

As the leading Paintball Supplier in the UK we also boast an extensive range of accessories such as fill adapters, remote lines, regs/values and tank grips.

If you are unsure what to go for please just give us a call on 01642 605000 for some friendly, impartial advice.

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