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Valken Microbore remote with slide check

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Considering reducing the weight of your paintball gun setup by moving the tank to your harness with a remote, but not too sure you want to be tied up by a big, bulky air hose? The solution is here with the Valken microline paintball remote! A full-featured paintball remote air adapter with a slide-check, on/off bottle adapter and quick disconnect, this remote line is built with a microline setup that is smaller, more flexible and a whopping 35% lighter than standard remote hoses! Able to be used with either CO2 or compressed air/HPA and able to be easily degassed and disconnected from a paintball gun, the Valken Microline Paintball Remote is a great addition to a paintball setup for younger or smaller players, or anyone looking to lighten the load!

  • Full-featured, lightweight Microline paintball remote line setup!
  • 35% lighter than other, bulkier remote hoses
  • On/off bottle adapter
  • Quick disconnect at the paintball gun air source adapter
  • Slide check to degass, allowing removal of the paintball gun without degassing remote
  • Functions with CO2 or Compressed Air/HPA


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