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Cheap Paintball Guns

Check out our range of cheap paintball markers or paintball guns below. These are the ones for players that might be on a limited budget for their paintball kit, or mabe just for players looking for paintball kit at low prices as an entry into the game. For your first paintball gun the key is you want something reliable. With this in mind we'd always recommend sticking with one of the major brands - this way you know if you're going to have an issue you can easily get it resolved. Look for something from Tippmann, GOG or Planet Eclipse. If you're looking to start out - the gun is just one part of what you need. The first item we'd recommend is a paintball mask - you can check out our full range here. You will also need a paintball hopper which holds the paintballs and feeds them into the marker - you can find them here. The other key item you'll need will be a gas source. If you're unsure, we'd recommend you check out our guide to gas here.

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  1. Valken Razorback - Red
    Special Price £89.95 Regular Price £99.95
  2. Valken Razorback - Blue
    Special Price £89.95 Regular Price £99.95
  3. Valken Blackhawk SW-1
  4. Valken Razorback Starter Pack
    £111.66 Regular Price £144.91
  5. HK Army SABR - Red
  6. HK Army SABR - Purple
  7. HK Army SABR - Pewter
  8. HK Army SABR - Blue
  9. HK Army SABR - Black
  10. Tippmann Stormer Basic
  11. Tippmann Cronus Basic
  12. Valken Blackhawk SW-1 Starter Pack
    £139.93 Regular Price £159.91
  13. Tippmann Cronus Basic Starter Pack
    £149.94 Regular Price £174.91
  14. HK Army SABR Starter Pack
    £149.94 Regular Price £164.91
  15. Tippmann Stormer Basic Starter Pack
    £159.94 Regular Price £174.91
  16. Tippmann Stormer Tactical
  17. Tippmann Cronus Tactical Starter Pack
    £179.93 Regular Price £194.91
  18. Tippmann Stormer Tactical Starter Pack
    £184.95 Regular Price £204.91
  19. Valken Blackhawk Tango
  20. Valken Blackhawk Foxtrot
  21. Valken Blackhawk Tango Starter Pack
    £210.37 Regular Price £234.91
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Items 1-24 of 30

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