paintball hoppers, paintball loaders

Looking for a paintball hopper at a great price? At BZ Paintball we have a complete and vast range of paintball hoppers and paintball loaders for sale UK wide - available from all the major paintball brands including DyeVirtueHK Army GI Sportz and Tippmann.

Our extensive range of hoppers guarantees that we have something suitable for all play and compatibility, from gravity fed and electronic loaders to backpack loaders. 

Paintball hoppers are often specialist and are only compatible with one type of paintball gun. For example the cyclone or rip clip, however most have a universal fitting so will work with all paintball guns. As the loaders get more expensive the main differences will be the feed rate, ease of disassembly and battery life. For further insight check out our 'Paintball Hoppers - What You Need To Know' blog post.

If you need any help or assistance don't hesitate to contact us on 01642 605000 and we'll be happy to help. 

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