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Paintball Guns / Markers

Paintball guns (or markers to use the correct term) from BZ Paintball; we stock all major brands from Tippmann, HK Army, Planet Eclipse, DYE, Luxe, Shocker and many more!

There's nothing quite like owning your own marker, its an investment that's for sure. Here at BZ Paintball we'll recommend the best markers for your specific needs. 

Despite many paintballers initial assumptions a paintball gun is the second most important part of anyone’s paintball kit. Your first kit purchase? We would always recommend a paintball mask.

First time paintball gun buyer?

No matter how much paintballing experience you have we’re guaranteed to have the perfect gun for you, and with huge stock levels in our UK warehouse, if you order before 3pm you could have it tomorrow.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the choice of markers we have available please give us a call on 01642 605000 for some friendly, impartial advice.

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11 Items

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  1. Eclipse Etha 2 Starter Pack
    £434.22 Regular Price £524.86
  2. Eclipse Etha3
  3. First Strike T-15 Rifle
  4. First Strike T-15 PDW Rifle
  5. First Strike T-15 DMR Rifle
  6. Eclipse GTek 170R - Black
  7. DYE DSR+ Silver Night
  8. Shocker AMP - Black
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11 Items

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