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  • Paintballing To Raise Money For Charity

    There are quite a few ways you can raise money for charity whilst paintballing, some of these will make your day funnier and they are a great way to raise money. Continue reading

  • Why Paintballing Is Great For All Occasions

    Paintballing is a fantastic event which you can participate in during all occasions. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a stag or hen do, an anniversary or any other occasion there is no better way to celebrate it than paintballing. It provides you with excellent enjoyment which lasts for most of the day which not only you but the rest of the group can enjoy. So why is paintballing so popular? In this article we will discuss possible reasons as to why this may be. Continue reading

  • Choosing Suitable Paintball Ammo

    To effectively play paintballing you will need to have reliable ammunition. You need paintballs that won’t break upon exiting the gun as if this happens it can potentially cause you to be more of a target and it is highly likely that you will end up losing the game. In this article we look at what type of paintball ammo you should be using and how to choose it. Continue reading

  • Team Building Paintballing

    Paintballing is a great activity for corporate team building days. Paintballing requires teamwork and very careful planning, so if you run a company and want to give your staff a fun day out whilst also building up essential skills for the workplace, paintballing is a great activity to consider. Continue reading

  • What Kind Of Person Should Try Paintball?

    Paintball is an exciting, enjoyable and thoroughly rewarding pastime. However, it is also something that a lot of people never even try out. Some people just assume it's not really their 'thing'. Others aren't sure whether it would suit them or not and may even be quite interested but just never actually get around to trying it out.
    Continue reading

  • Types of Paintball Barrels

    The barrel is the section at the end of your marker in which the paintball discharge from. There are many different types available and which one is right for you depend on many factors. In this article we have taken a look at what needs to be considered before you buy a paintball barrel. Continue reading

  • Paintball: What Is It Good For?

    Despite a few obvious areas of resemblance, paintball is not war but a harmless and friendly game. As such, there are no protest songs questioning whether this sport is really any good for anything. But what exactly is it good for? There are several things for which paintball is excellent, and appreciating them can help newbies decide whether to give paintball a go and provide experienced players with new ways to use the sport to enhance their lives and those of their friends.
    Continue reading

  • Common Fears Of Paintball Beginners (And Why You Shouldn't Worry)

    Playing paintball for the first time can be exciting. In some ways, your first game is the most exciting of all. However, it can also be nerve-wracking, and beginners often find they are nervous or frightened of a number of things. In truth, for most people there is no real reason to be afraid before your first game. Some of the common fears beginners have, and the reasons you probably don't need to fear them, include:
    Continue reading

  • Top Ten Paintball Sites in England (No 1 - 5)

    Continuing on from our previous article we continue the countdown to the number 1 paintball venue in England. We have five more venues to list from across different parts of England. Continue reading

  • Top Ten Paintball Sites in England (No 6 - 10)

    Paintballing is a fun, exciting and thrilling sport and there are many great sites across England where you can play paintballing, we countdown the top ten paintball sites in England. Continue reading

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