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Monthly Archives: April 2017

  • Paintball Protection - What You Need To Know

    paintball padding, paintball protection

    Paintball protection can assist greatly with the prevention of injury. In this post we’re going to briefly discuss the various protection available to help prevent injury and enhance your paintball game.


    A paintball mask is designed to protect your face including, ears, eyes, mouth and nose from incoming paintballs, some masks offer full coverage protecting both the back and the top of your head.

    Every moment you spend playing paintball you MUST wear your mask, more paintball injuries occur from the removal of masks than actually playing. This means you as the player need to spend extra time ensuring your mask is perfect for you. For more information on masks check out our "The first piece of paintball kit you should buy" blog post.

    Shop our full range of paintball masks at https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/paintball-goggles

    If your mask doesn’t offer full head protection we advise you wear a hat or head wrap not only do these offer extra protection but have added benefits such as preventing fogging. For further information on preventing you mask from fogging check out our "Prevent your mask from fogging" blog post.

    Check out the head wraps/headbands we stock at https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/apparel/paintball-clothing/headbands


    Many players forget about protecting their neck which isn’t good thing. Some masks come with added neck protection, if yours doesn’t you can always buy a neck protector. Neck protector’s offer ventilated padding providing maximum comfort and protection.

    Shop our neck protectors at https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/pads-protection/neck-protectors


    Let’s remember your chest is home to your vital organs so it’s best to protect them and your body from impacts when diving, sliding and of course being shot.

    Basic chest protectors can be strapped over your jersey others are a jersey and protector in one. These include padding for key zones such as your ribs, chest, back and shoulders whilst being lightweight and breathable.

    Shop our range of chest protectors at https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/pads-protection/chest-protection.


    Paintball involves diving and crawling so it’s important to protect your arms from scratches and scrapes. Elbow pads fit snugly to the contour of your arms providing optimum flexibility whilst acting as a second padded skin.

    Check out the elbow pads we stock at https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/pads-protection/elbow-pads


    Knee pads are designed to enhance your paintball game, protecting your knees whilst crawling and kneeling. These will fit under your trousers and are lightweight and durable.

    Shop our range of knee pads now at https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/pads-protection/knee-pads

    Slide shorts

    These shorts are designed to offer protection and prevention of friction. Padding is found in vital areas such as the hips and crotch. These can be worn with ease under your paintball pants and offer maximum breathability.

    To shop our full range of slide shorts check out https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/pads-protection/slide-shorts


    Your hands are exposed to the impact of paintballs therefore gloves are essential to shielding your hands from any potential bruises/welts.

    Paintball gloves have additional padding whilst being lightweight, ventilated and easily manoeuvrable.

    Shop all gloves at https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/pads-protection/gloves

    If you require any further assistance don’t hesitate to email us at info@bzpaintball.co.uk or call us on 01642605000.

  • Paintball Hoppers – What You Need To Know

    paintball hopper, paintball loader

    A paintball hopper (this may also be referred to as a loader) is a device that attaches to your paintball gun. This will store your paint before loading the paint into the firing chamber. If you’re looking to purchase your own hopper here’s a few things to consider.

    Feed Rate

    This is the speed which the hopper can feed the balls into the firing chamber and is measured in balls per second (bps). The feed rate in loaders can vary dependant on the loading mechanism, this can be anything from 4bps to 40bps.

    Mechanisms – The Difference

    There are two types of loading mechanism, gravity fed and electronic.

    Gravity Fed

    gravity fed loader

    Gravity fed hoppers rely solely on gravity to draw the ball into the firing chamber resulting in a low feed rate. A low feed rate often causes paint to jam inside the hopper, although this is easily resolved (shake the hopper to dislodge the paint) it takes time, time which could have been spent firing or aiming.

    These loaders are designed to be used on mechanical markers and should not be used with an electronic marker (for information on the difference between electronic and mechanical markers check out our "Electronic vs Mechanical Markers" blog post).

    Electronic markers have a higher firing rate which typically will exceed the feed rate of a gravity fed hopper. When the firing rate exceeds feed rate this can cause paint to chop.

    These hoppers are cheap, lightweight and quiet – perfect for beginners.

    Shop out our full range of hoppers at https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/paintball-hoppers-loaders.


    Electronic hoppers use battery powered motors which spin to feed paintballs into the chamber. Due to relying on mechanical force as opposed to gravity the paint is fed into the marker at a much quicker rate resulting in faster firing. These hoppers can be used on mechanical and electronical markers.

    As these loaders have a motor they can be a little on the noisy side dependant on whether you purchase a low, mid or high end hopper. The battery can also drain quickly if the hopper doesn’t have sensor.

    These hoppers are a little more expensive but offer quicker feed rates.

    Low End 

    Low end electronic hoppers often have no sensor so the motor will move continuously, this can be fairly noisy. Due to the lack of sensors this will effect battery life meaning you’ll have to frequently repurchase batteries. Cheaper loaders can also be harder to strip if anything goes wrong.

    High End

    High end electronic loaders use sensors so the motor will only move when necessary which will assist with noise and battery life. These loaders are also easier to disassemble.

    It is important to mention that whilst an electronic loaders main selling point is feed rate, with the rate of fire caps in today's games (generally 10bps) this means a cheaper electronic loaders will still feed fast enough.

    Shop out our full range of hoppers at https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/paintball-hoppers-loaders.

    For electronic loaders check out the batteries we stock at https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/batteries.


    speedfeedA speedfeed is an accessory that fits in your hopper lid allowing you to re fill your loader quicker. They offer fast fills and no spills, often halving your loading time. Some speedfeeds also come with an added rain lid.

    Check out our speedfeed range at - https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=speedfeed

    If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at info@bzpaintball.co.uk or call us on 01642 605000.

  • Storing Your Paintball Equipment

    paintball gun, paintball equipment

    The purchasing of paintball equipment is a big investment. When you’re spending hundreds if not thousands on your gear storage is vital for both protection and longevity.

    There are various storage solutions and they vary dependant on your individual requirements. In this post we’ll give you some brief insight and examples of each.

    Paintball Mask/Lens Protection

    Paintball masks can vary from £20-£150+, if your choosing a high end mask its paramount you protect it. Most masks over the £50.00 mark will come with a cloth goggle bag as standard, this will assist with protecting your mask from scratches but there are better alternatives.

    A goggle case will act as a shield protecting your mask from any scratches and dents, with a solid shell as opposed to just cloth. If your mask has an expensive lens you can protect this separately with a lens case, this will protect your lens from scuffs and indents.

    Exalt lens case - https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/exalt-lens-case

    Goggle bag - https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/hk-army-goggle-bag-3488

    Gun Case

    As your biggest investment it makes sense to protect your paintball gun from any scratches and dents. Gun cases are padded and will cradle your gun maximising protection. Often these will also have loops, clips/compartments for storing barrels, tools and hoppers.

    Dye DM Gun Case - https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/dm-gun-case-black


    A paintball backpack is a must for any serious paintball player. It’s the perfect solution to keeping your paintball tank and gun protected whilst not in use. Paintball backpacks tend to have designated areas for your tank, gun and barrels plus small compartments to hold parts.

    Check out the full range of paintball backpacks we stock at https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/luggage/paintball-backpacks

    Kit Bags

    If you’re looking to safely store all of your equipment in one place, a kit bag is a must. These bags are large and have compartments designed specifically for your paintball gun, tank, mask, paint, pods and mask etc. Due to the sheer size and weight of these bags they often come with roller wheels for easy transport.

    Check out the full range of kit bags we stock at https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/luggage/kit-bags

    If you need any help don't hesitate to call us on 01642 605000 or email us at info@bzpaintball.co.uk.

  • The Best Paintball Masks For Glasses

    paintball masks for glassesFor glasses wearers is can be difficult to find a paintball mask that’s comfortable and practical to wear. Today we’re going to explore some mask options for the glasses wearing paintball player that provide maximum comfort and optimum protection, we will also look at how to combat fogging.

    The Fit

    We always recommend that players try on various masks to ensure a comfortable fit with suitable protection, after all no two faces are the same. With glasses this is a little more complicated, ideally you will want to look for a paintball mask where the foam is cut on either side where your glasses arms will sit. This will allow some movement and will ease the pressure on your glasses arms.

    When trying on your mask ensure the strap of your mask is up at an angle as opposed to going straight across the back of your head, this will assist with the fit.

    Our suggestions

    JT Proflex - https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/paintball-goggles/jt-goggles

    Empire EVS - https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/paintball-goggles/empire-goggles

    JT Flex 8 - https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/flex-8-grey

    Dye i5 - https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=dye+i5

    Fogging Prevention

    There’s nothing more frustrating than a fogged up mask that can limit visibility, plus it’s dangerous too. Players may be tempted to remove their mask so they are able to see, exposing them to the danger of being hit.

    Now there are ways and means to help prevent this, you may want to consider installing a thermal anti-fog lens (check to ensure this will fit your mask) or buy a mask with a thermal lens. Another option is installing a fan to assist with the circulation of air.

    Thermal Lenses - https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=thermal+lenses

    Virtue Visor Fan - http://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/virtue-stealth-visor-fan-3554

    Some less effective solutions include coatings and anti-fog sprays, these should only be used after confirming they will not damage the integrity of the lens. Ensure ventilation holes on the google lens frames are not covered by scarves etc.

    JT Anti Fog Spray -  https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/jt-anti-fog-spray-2oz

    You can also try and breathe down into the mask ensuring the air flows through the ventilation holes at the bottom.

    Another solution is wearing a headband, not only are these great for added protection but they soak up sweat and prevent moisture from entering the mask. This can be swapped to a hat in those colder months.

    Headwraps - https://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/apparel/paintball-clothing/headbands

    If you have any further questions don't hesitate to call us on 01642 605000.

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