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Monthly Archives: May 2016

  • The Top Five Paintball Venues In The UK

    Here were going to look at the top five paintball venues in the UK.

    We conducted some market research and came to the conclusion it’s a hard one to call. Paintball sites are all so varied and bring different attributes to the game. It’s often about the players and marshals, that’s what makes a site.

    Listed below are more "recommendations" than a definitive list of the best sites as voted for by regular paintball players.

    In no particular order.

    Skirmish Sherwood (Nottingham)

    skirmish1 skirmish2 It’s not just the varied arenas the site hosts from Arnheim Bridge which is a recreation of a WW2 bridge in Holland, to Tank convoy which boasts heavy machinery. But the owners and staff are praised for their support and generosity to customers. There’s something for everyone and Skirmish takes pride in arranging some of the most epically entertaining paintball scraps that Sherwood Forest has ever seen. Check it out at http://www.skirmish-site.co.uk/.

    Mayhem Paintball

    heli cod wildwest

    Mayhem is set in idyllic woodlands on London’s Essex borders, the site boasts 16 uniquely designed authentic arenas from Missile Command to Call of duty with a genuine Russian T55 battle tank. With tanks, helicopters and aeroplanes it’s safe to say it won’t be a day you’ll forget. Check it out at http://www.mayhem-paintball.co.uk/.

    NPF Bassetts Pole

    npf npf1 NPF is set on 200 acres of natural woodland with 15 imaginative movie set action adventure game zones. They claim it’s difficult to find a paintball facility in the UK or even Europe that is on such a scale that offers such excitement. Immerse yourself in the fantasy and use your imagination. Check it out at http://www.npfbassettspole.com/.

    Holmbush Paintball

    hol hol1 With 18 fields in operation including Church strike which features a 30ft tower as well as  Bio Hazard situated on an old fuel dump, fancy. Holmbush claims to be one of the best paintball fields in the South East with over 20yrs expensive with a price promise. Check it out at http://www.holmbushpaintball.co.uk/.

    Bawtry Paintball

    Bawtry Paintball Fields baw2

    With 10 game zones from the green zone which an Award-Winning paintball game. Its centrepiece is one of the Lynx helicopters featured in the Tom Cruise blockbuster ‘Edge Of Tomorrow'. The star attraction at Bawtry is the predator a 7ft tall hunter warrior whose sole purpose is to ‘kill’. He searches for players and when he finds them he eliminates them – simple as that. He’s a force to be reckoned with! Check it out at http://www.bawtrypaintballfields.co.uk/.

    If you have any other recommendations don't hesitate in commenting below.

    Check out our own paintball sites at http://www.battlezonepaintball.co.uk/.

  • The Top Five Paintball Venues In The World

    Often people assume paintball fields are just mud zones with the odd tree, tyre and obstacle… how wrong they are. If it was that easy anyone could buy a plot of land and claim is was a 'paintball field'.

    Here were going to look at the top five paintball venues in the world, that are renowned in the industry and most importantly built for paintballers by paintballers. If you ever get the chance we highly recommend adding one or more of these to your bucket list.

    1. Skirmish USA

    skirmish-usa (1) skirmish-usa With a 700 acre paintball mecca, Skirmish USA is the home to the biggest scenario games such as the ‘Invasion of Normandy’ with almost 4,000 attendees every July. The mecca has 50 playing fields with forts, helicopters, tanks, castles and plenty of woods. Check it out at http://www.skirmish.com/

    2. Hollywood Sports California

    12719482_1031701786887935_5921165948908347310_o 12891775_1031699660221481_7401188685419528230_o

    This place quite literally has it all. Known as ‘the greatest park on earth’ at 28 acres with 7 scenario fields and two story buildings. Hollywood sports has a full MOUT training course and actual movie sets from Godzilla, The Haunting, Starship Troopers and Saving private Ryan to name a few. It’s one of the most themed paintball parks in the world and for a once in a life time experience it’s worth a visit. For more information check it out at http://www.hollywoodsports.com/. Heres a list of the fields at the park http://www.hollywoodsports.com/fields/.

     3. CPX Chicago


    The facility spans over 143 acres and hosts some of the most premier paintball events in the world such as Living Legends which brings over 2,000 players from around the world. With over 20 fields (buses will take you to each one) such as Armageddon an apocalyptic town of ruins, Jungle of doom where you must find the golden idol and The Town of Bedlam one of the most exhilarating fields created... you’re in for an unforgettable day of paintball. Check it out at http://cpxsports.com/root/.

    4. Hot Shots Paintball Australia

    Hot shots claim their experience is totally unique with elaborate themed structures and real like props and backdrops, alongside special effects, explosions and sound effects. It’s the place to immerse yourself into a real life game with over 100 acres of themed playing fields. Check it out at http://www.hotshotspaintball.com.au/ for the hotshots paintball shop check out http://www.paintballskirmish.com/

    5. Asylum Paintball New Zealand

    new new1

    Located on the maximum security wards of the former Kingseat psychiatric hospital in operation from 1932-1999. With close quarter battle and tournament layouts like no other they are the only paintball field in New Zealand that can operate come rain or shine.  This is one of New Zealand’s most haunted buildings but now home to themed paintball arenas like “The Killing House”, “Lock down Ward” and “Tyre Mania”, if you want a potentially creepy experience this is the place for you. See for yourself at http://asylumpaintball.co.nz/.

    If you have any other recommendations don't hesitate in commenting below.

    Check out our own paintball sites at http://www.battlezonepaintball.co.uk/.

  • Prevent Your Mask From Fogging

    A paintball mask is the most important piece of equipment you can own as a paintball player and should be the first bit of kit you invest in.

    The mask is designed to keep the players safe during games, they don’t just protect your eyes and face but forehead and ears too. This eliminates the chances of permanent damage such as blindness. Let’s face it some of them look pretty cool so its win win, protection and looking good.

    There’s nothing more frustrating than a fogged up mask that can limit visibility, plus it’s dangerous too. Players may be tempted to remove their mask so they are able to see, exposing them to the danger of being hit.

    Now there are ways and means to help prevent this, you may want to consider installing a thermal anti-fog lens (check to ensure this will fit your mask) or buy a mask with a thermal lens. Another option is installing a fan to assist with the circulation of air.

    Ensure the strap of your mask is up at an angle as opposed to going straight across the back of your head, this will assist with the fit.


    http://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/empire-helix-thermal-goggle-3040 http://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/jt-proflex-goggle-3812 http://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/hk-army-klr-goggle-le-5119


    http://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/tippmann-thermal-lens http://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/empire-events-mirror-thermal-lens http://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/vforce-armour-thermal-lens-2729

    Fan; http://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/virtue-stealth-visor-fan-3554

    Some less effective solutions include coatings and anti-fog sprays, these should only be used after confirming they will not damage the integrity of the lens. Ensure ventilation holes on the google lens frames are not covered by scarves, head wraps (which we always recommend to prevent sweat entering the top of the mask) or hats. This will in turn aid with the air flowing through the mask preventing fog.

    Another option is to try and breathe down into the mask ensuring the air flows through the ventilation holes at the bottom.

    Spray; http://www.bzpaintball.co.uk/jt-anti-fog-spray-2oz

    If you have any issues don’t hesitate to contact us on 01642 605000.

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