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Monthly Archives: July 2015

  • Common Fears Of Paintball Beginners (And Why You Shouldn't Worry)

    Playing paintball for the first time can be exciting. In some ways, your first game is the most exciting of all. However, it can also be nerve-wracking, and beginners often find they are nervous or frightened of a number of things. In truth, for most people there is no real reason to be afraid before your first game. Some of the common fears beginners have, and the reasons you probably don't need to fear them, include:
    Continue reading

  • Top Ten Paintball Sites in England (No 1 - 5)

    Continuing on from our previous article we continue the countdown to the number 1 paintball venue in England. We have five more venues to list from across different parts of England. Continue reading

  • Top Ten Paintball Sites in England (No 6 - 10)

    Paintballing is a fun, exciting and thrilling sport and there are many great sites across England where you can play paintballing, we countdown the top ten paintball sites in England. Continue reading

  • How to Practice Paintballing

    Perhaps your paintballing skills are not as good as what they could be and you would like to improve? Does your shooting need improvement? You certainly can improve your game with dedicated and regular practice which will allow you to develop your technique. In this article we take a look at some areas of paintballing which you can look at improving. Continue reading

  • Explaining Paintball Scenario Games

    Have you ever wondered about what paintball scenario games are and the different types of paintball scenario games you can participate in? Well then this article is for you. Here we will give you a brief history about what paintball scenario games are and various popular scenario game types which you can participate in. Continue reading

  • Staying Safe On The Battlefield

    While paintballing is a fun and exciting game for everyone, there are still a number of safety tips which you should observe to keep yourself and other players safe. While paintballing is generally a safe game, things can still go wrong and injuries can still occur. Read through our safety tips to help you stay protected while paintballing. Continue reading

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