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Monthly Archives: May 2015

  • Meeting Fellow Paintball Enthusiasts

    Paintball is a fantastic pastime, and one it's easy to get very enthusiastic about. However, outside the immediate group you play with, it can seem hard to meet people who share your enthusiasm for the sport. If you are fairly new to paintball and getting deeper into it, it can seem a real shame to be so limited in who you are able to discuss your new hobby with.

    There are several ways you can meet new people who share your enthusiasm and get to know more paintball enthusiasts. This can help you better enjoy your hobby, discuss ways to improve, and simply enjoy having good conversations.

    Paintball Events

    Paintball events are great ways to meet fellow enthusiasts. The larger events attract people from all over the country and even beyond. As well as being a chance to get involved in some large-scale games and buy the latest equipment from vendors, these events are a fantastic opportunity to meet countless fellow paintballers from a wide range of backgrounds and get to know them. You can discuss tactics, equipment, or just the things you love about the sport.

    This is helped by the fact that many large events also make a particular effort to offer a social element. Alongside the games and the trade areas, they will offer events such as parties and barbecues so that attendees have an opportunity to be social, get talking about their hobby, and generally just meet and get to know one another. This is some of the most valuable time you could ever have for meeting fellow enthusiasts and making new friends who share your love of the sport.

    The Internet

    The internet is a fantastic too for meeting and chatting to people who share your interests. The web is a worldwide platform where people across the globe come together to form online communities based around their various interests and hobbies. Paintballers of all ages, backgrounds and play styles from a wide range of nationalities come together online in these communities and bring their wide-ranging viewpoints to a host of discussions.

    There are many online communities centred around paintballing, some very large and others quite small. In their discussion forums, you will find members chatting about all kinds of paintball-related topics, such as strategies, equipment, ways of improving technique and upcoming events. Usually, there will even be sessions for off-topic chat for when members just want to generally talk to the online friends they have made through their shared love of paintball. It is not uncommon for a group of members in the same country to arrange to meet in person if both are attending some national event and get to know one another in person as well. In this way, online friends can also become offline friends, and virtual discussion can turn into real-life socialising and indulging in your shared hobby together.

  • The Three Kinds Of Paintballer You Shouldn't Be

    There are many different kinds of paintballer following a variety of perfectly valid and legitimate paintball play styles. Then there are the players whose play style isn't particularly useful, helpful or tactically valid. That's not to say these people are bad people or even unskilled paintballers; often these are honest mistakes made by beginners in the way they approach the game. Continue reading

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