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Monthly Archives: April 2015

  • The Different Styles Of Paintball Play

    Paintball can be an immensely fun experience. It is also an intense, skilled and highly tactical game. There are various styles of play that people employ in their efforts to achieve victory. Continue reading

  • North vs South Paintball Festival

    In its final climactic battle, the North vs South Paintball Festival will deliver exactly what the name promises; an epic battle between North and South. But this annual event has grown a lot bigger than that simple concept. It has an awful lot to offer paintball enthusiasts of all kind. Continue reading

  • Summer Paintball Events

    Paintball is a much-loved and increasingly popular sport, which has rapidly risen to prominence in recent years. As paintball has grown in popularity, a number of exciting annual events have sprung up around the country for devotees of the game. Some of the more major fixtures are considered something to look forward to all year by the game's more serious and devoted players, but many are also great opportunities for relative newcomers to immerse themselves more deeply in the world of paintball. Some of the best, most unmissable events for paintball lovers this summer include: Continue reading

  • Could You Be A Paintball Sniper?

    If you think you're a pretty good paintball player and have a pretty good eye for a sharp shot, you might want to consider taking on the role of a sniper. Being a paintball sniper is a very different experience from being a 'regular' player and can be a lot more challenging. However, it is also one of the most effective ways a single player can be deployed against the opposite team, and can be a very rewarding way to play the game if you have what it takes. Continue reading

  • Difference Between Mechanical & Electrical Guns

    There are two main types of paintball gun: mechanical and electrical. Most beginners will become familiar with mechanical markers first, and may or may not experience using electric markers while still new to the game. Continue reading

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